A Bassinet or Crib, which one to choose?

When it comes to babies, you want to ensure they are safe and your wish as a parent is to give them the very best. This journey starts by making plans on where they will sleep. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that infants sleep in the same room as their parents but not in the same bed. Which brings us to the question, should you choose a cradle or a crib?

To answer this question, let’s first consider what they are.

Bassinets / Cradles

Cradles are smaller sleeping spaces for infants. They are snug and comfortable and are easy to carry around. Cradles or bassinets come in different styles and are made of soft material. The gentle rocking motion from a cradle soothes your baby, helping them fall asleep quickly.


Cribs, on the other hand, are larger than cradles and are primarily made of wood (traditional cribs). They have a wider base than a cradle and have high railings on the side. Sometimes, they have wheels, which can be detached when you want to make them stationary.

The pros and cons

Bassinets are more affordable than cribs. They are snug, which make your little one feel safer. They are easy to move around, and it’s super easy to place your little one in a cradle because their bottoms are waist height. A cradle’s small size makes it easy for you to fit one in your bedroom (co-sleeper). Their only downside is the length of use, maximal up to 9 months, because your little one will soon learn to climb out of it.

Cribs have one advantage over a cradle, and that’s how long you will use it: up to 2 years. However, they are wider and open structured. The extra space might make your little one feel like they moved from a snug, comfortable place (your womb) to a king-sized bed. They occupy a lot of space, making it hard for you to fit them in your bedroom.

Choosing a cradle or a crib has no right or wrong, but the pros of a cradle greatly outweigh a crib. Our recommendation is to start with a cradle during the infant months, as they are snug and comfortable for both mom and baby.

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