📸 Photo - Video Challenge 🎥

We're excited to have a new color (light grey) Flex Cradle  in stock! 
So we need stunning images. And the best images come from our customers!
Now do you think you have that perfect sleeping spot?
And do you think you can make that 'goose bump' picture 📸  or video? 🎥 
This can be the cradle on its own or with you and your baby 🤱 👶.  Anything is possible.
Just sent them all! We do prefer portrait layout.
Submit your pieces of art through our review section on the Flex Cradle productpage. Or email them to: info@hussh-cradles.com
If we choose to publish your entry or use it anywhere on our website or socials we will refund you 50% of the cradle value.
Note: we need more than 1 image/video so there will be more winners!
Below some images from customers that inspired us to challenge you.

Surprise us!