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Hangwieg met vlekje

€ 175.00 EUR € 199.00 EUR

Nieuwe wieg met een klein vlekje (lichtgrijs) aan de bovenrand (buitenzijde). Als dit vlekje aan de achterkant 'hangt' zie je dus niets. 

Why We Love It
It all began with the notion that it ought to be possible to create a design that enables a natural and ..... continue reading
It all began with the notion that it ought to be possible to create a design that enables a natural and lovely deep sleep. Because our cradles can swing and bounce simultaneously, your baby will fall asleep very easily. The springy swinging closely resembles the feeling of sleeping in the womb. Especially at night, when your baby is suddenly awakened, the soft bouncing of the cradle will help your baby fall back asleep in no time at all.

The suspended cradle is made of 100% organic cotton, unvarnished wood, jute, coco fibres and recycled wool. Pure and honest ingredients you would wish for every child.

You can suspend the cradle indoors, or outside from a tree. But you can also hang it from our Swinging Branch, Stork or our wonderful Tripod.

"Just like in mummy's tummy"
Why Others Like It

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Technical Details
The cradle measures 31 in (l) by 17 in (w) and 13 in (h)
Materials: organic/unbleached cotton, unvarnished ashwood, coco-fibres, recycled wool, chestnut, wood, jute.
Weight: 13 lbs. (incl. spring and ropes)
Delivery and Returns
Shipment within 1 week after receiving your payment.
Shipping time to:
USA/Canada: 2/3 office days.
Asia/Australia: 2/4 office days.

NL/BE/GE: 1/2 office days
GB/FR/IT/AT/DK: 2/3 office days
ES: 3/4 office days
NO: 4/6 office days
SE: 3/7 office days

Returns: cancelation period is 14 days from the moment you receive your order. Please consult our Terms for more information.

Need Help?
  • Day &

    • Not just for a nap during the day but designed for day and night sleep until the age of about 6 to 9 months.
  • Spring and

    • The movements of the cradle resemble the motions your baby remembers from the womb.
  • 0 - 9

    • This baby bed can be used until the age of about 6 to 9 months.
      Indoors and outdoors.
  • All

    • Our cradles are made using natural materials such as organic cotton, coconut fibres, wool and unpainted wood.
  • Ergonomic
    • Easy to adjust ropes for stand-up nursing. Our cradles come complete with an ergonomic mattress.
  • safe
    • The hanging cradle is safe and reliable: we deliver to nurseries and follow the NEN-EN 1130 safety norms for cradles.
  • convenient
    • Reduce or stop reflux by easily tilting the cradle slightly.
  • people & planet
    • We produce small scale.
      Mainly in social workplaces.
  • handmade
    • All products are Dutch Design.
      Fabrics and ropes are handmade.

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