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The price includes the spring and a comfortable mattress made of coconut-fibres with recycled-wool tufting and a removable cover of soft organic cotton.
Why We Love It
The Hush is designed to create a safe, sound and beautiful baby bed.

Woolfelt, coco-fibres and organic cotton make sure that your infant will be free from allergic reactions.
The spring ensures sound sleeping as it resembles the movements when your baby was inside the womb.

This contemporary cradle includes an ergonomic coco-mattress with a thick wool layer and cover made of a removable 100% organic cotton and a stainless steel spring with safety line.

Outside color: shalegrey - inside color: off- white.
Why Others Like It

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Technical Details
Dimensions: 31 in. x 15.8 in. x 13 in.
Weight: 13 lb.(incl. spring)
100% woolfelt (2 layers)
outside: shalegrey
inside: off-white.
Delivery and Returns
Shipment within 1 week after receiving your payment.
Shipping time to:
USA/Canada: 2/3 office days.
Asia/Australia: 2/4 office days.

NL/BE/GE: 1/2 office days
GB/FR/IT/AT/DK: 2/3 office days
ES: 3/4 office days
NO: 4/6 office days
SE: 3/7 office days

Returns: cancelation period is 14 days from the moment you receive your order. Please consult our Terms for more information.

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