Motor rental conditions

Rental conditions Bassinet motor.

You can rent the motor as long as you wish, with a maximum of 8 months.

Your payment for the motor is a deposit (which is the shop-price of this motor). When we receive the motor back in good condition, we will refund your deposit minus the rental fee for the period you rented the motor

If the motor is not returned within 8 months, the motor will automatically become your property. In that case, the deposit will not be refunded.

The rental start-date is always on the Monday in the week after you received the motor. The rental period is automatically extended on a monthly basis.

Example: Start-date: Monday, January14th. If you return the motor on April 8th, the end date will be considered April14th. The rental period will then be 3 months. The refund will be: €164,- your payment (€260,-) minus 3 months rent (€96,-).

The return of the motor is on the expense of the customer

If the product becomes defective, we will end the rental period when we receive your notice/email of this defect. You can return the motor in the original packaging to the address below. We will refund the remaining deposit and the return shipping cost.

If the motor is used with a total weight of more than 16 kg/ 35 lb and becomes defective, the (remaining) deposit or return costs will not be refunded.

The motor can be used as long as your baby weighs less than 9 kg (19 lb) when using a Hussh single bassinet.
For other bassinets, the maximum total weight of your baby plus bassinet is 16 kg (35 lb)

Return address
Hussh Cradles
Bloemveldlaan 57
2015HC Haarlem