Terms & Conditions

Please read these general conditions of sale carefully, print them and store them with the product for future reference.
If you would like to receive the terms by e-mail or by post, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll send you a copy, free of charge.


Operational information
Hussh-Cradles and hussh-cradles.com are operated by
Hussh-Cradles, Bloemveldlaan 57, 2015 HC, Haarlem
Registered Company Number 58910378 at the Chamber of Commerce in Haarlem.
The VAT identification number is 853233998B01.
IBAN: NL92TRIO0338945288

Hussh-Cradles can be reached during office hours by phone at +31 (0)23 551 2219 or +31 (0)6 4757 6133. The e-mail address is info@hussh-cradles.com

Order terms and conditions
Hussh-Cradles only sells its products directly to customers via www.hussh-cradles.com. It is possible to visit us in Haarlem to have a look at the products, but you need to make an appointment with us in advance.

Shipping costs
The shop prices do not include delivery costs, which will be specified before your order is confirmed and again when the order is definitively validated.

The invoiced amount is the price stated on the order confirmation sent by e-mail as soon as you have placed your order. Payments can be made online or after your order  within 14 days from the invoice date by bank transfer to the account stipulated by Hussh-Cradles on the invoice.

Ordered goods are shipped within one week after payment has been received unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.
The ordered products shall remain the property of Hussh-Cradles until full receipt of the amount due.

Default of payment
In case of default of payment by the customer, all judicial and extrajudicial costs reasonably incurred by Hussh-Cradles shall be for the customer’s account.

Delivery terms and conditions
The moment of shipping and estimated delivery times are mentioned on the product pages and in the FAQ’s. 

Delivery periods do not begin before the date of payment of the invoice. Speed deliveries are sent within two office days after the settlement of the amount(s) due. The extra cost for a speed delivery is indicated during the ordering process.

Hussh-Cradles will inform you within the delivery period if there will be a delay. 

The products will be delivered to the address you have stated on the order form. It is your responsibility to supply the correct address when placing the order. In case of delivery to the wrong address any judicial and extrajudicial costs reasonably incurred by Hussh-Cradles shall be for the customer’s account.

Hussh-Cradles is responsible for the risks (in particular of theft or damage) concerning the products until the effective date of delivery unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

Withdrawal right
You have the right to cancel your order within the cancelation period of 14 office days beginning on the day after the day on which you received the goods. You may return your package to Hussh-Cradles within that cancelation period. Please clarify the reason(s) for your cancelation; it will be appreciated. 

Please return the product(s) accompanied by the invoice number/order number and your name. Returns without this information will not be processed.


- When returning (an) item(s) Hussh Cradles will not credit the shipping costs  made upon purchase.

- The costs of returning (an) item(s) are at the expense of the customer

- When you return an item from outside the European Union (EU) you must  inform the shipping company that your shipment is an item being returned to the sender/a shop. If you fail to do this the Dutch customs will charge customs clearance fees. In that case Hussh cradles cannot accept the return. The item will be returned back to you. 

It is only possible to return the unused product(s) in their original form and packaging. Please be careful with the product(s) and the packaging. It is only permitted to unwrap the product to the extent required to determine whether you wish to withdraw your purchase. Fabrics must be folded in the same way you first encountered them upon delivery. 

If you have not taken reasonable care of the packaging and/or product(s), all costs reasonably incurred by Hussh-Cradles shall be for the customer’s account.

Hussh-Cradles will reimburse you within a maximum of thirty (30) days after the canceled goods have been received, (possibly) after deduction of costs for unreasonable care.

Website content
The information on this website and any other information provided by Hussh-Cradles is as accurate as possible. However, Hussh-Cradles does not warrant that product descriptions or other content on this site is accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free. Hussh-Cradles is not liable for any errors or inaccuracies, or accountable for any consequences suffered as a result of erroneous information.

Hussh-Cradles warrants that the products meet the fair demands of soundness and/or usability and that all products comply with existing legal provisions and/or government regulations.
Hussh-Cradles offers a standard warranty of 3 years on all products for possible defects in materials and workmanship. Excluded from this warranty is: (i) normal wear and tear, (ii) adaptations made to the products after purchase, (iii) damage as a result of the use of accessories that were not made by or approved of by Hussh-Cradles, and/or (iv) if the products were not installed, maintained and used according to the product terms and instructions for use as provided by Hussh-Cradles.

Hussh-Cradles would appreciate it if you share your complaint with us regarding any issue. Please do so within a reasonable time period by phone or by e-mail, and be as specific and as clear as possible.
Hussh-Cradles will respond to your complaint within a fortnight and will strive to do everything reasonably possible to handle your complaint to your satisfaction.
In the event that Hussh-Cradles requires additional time to solve your complaint, you will be informed and given an indication of the extra time needed.
If the solution to a complaint does not find a mutually satisfactory conclusion, the laws of the Netherlands apply.

Product terms and conditions of use
Please consult and follow the instructions on the manual of each product. The manuals provide an overview of the components and offer detailed assembly instructions. You can find the manuals on the website.
The products are intended for domestic and professional use.
The cradle can be used night and day. Once your baby can turn around, kneel, pull itself up or sit, the cradle should not be used anymore for this child. Depending on your baby’s size and development, this period could occur any where between 4 and 9 months old.
The cradle’s spring must be used ‘normally’. The manufacturer understands ‘normal’ not to include turning/twisting or a sudden offload (discharge) of the spring. Moreover, please note that springs can break. Always use the safety line!

When bought second hand it is strongly recommended to buy a new spring with safety line.

A cradle hook should not be screwed into the ceiling with too much force. Please pre-drill carefully and do not use any extra tools to add force. You could twist the hook, causing it to loose much of its strength. If worse comes to worst, it could break. That is why you should never use a second-hand cradle hook.
Make sure the ropes are tied safely and sturdily and check them regularly. Adjust the length of the suspension ropes by sliding the ‘ratchet eights’ along the ropes, to keep the cradle balanced horizontally.
Use the tailor-made mattress provided by Hussh-Cradles for the cradle. It has the required height and sturdiness for the cradle, and thus ensures the cradle is deep enough. The depth, measured from the top edge of the cradle to the top of the mattress, should be at least 7.8 in. (20 cm). If you choose for another mattress, it should be 17 (43 cm) x 30.7 in. (78 cm) and not be thicker than 2 in.(5 cm)
When bought second hand we recommend buying a new mattress for for the sake of hygiene.
The Hussh classic hanging cradle is not suitable as a travel cot. The Hussh flex cradle is also a travel cot, provided it has been assembled as a standing version.
If the cradle is placed on its legs, please fasten the eye nuts securely. Make sure the floor/ground is horizontal and dry, and air the bottom of the cradle at regular intervals.
The cradle is not suitable as a playpen.
Always make sure the tripod is placed on a flat surface.

The cradle can hold up to:
Hanging-standing cradle: max. 20 lbs. (9 kg)
Twin cradle: max. 33 lbs (15 kg)
The Cradle hook, Swinging branch, Stork and Tripod can hold the twin cradle with max. 33 lbs (15 kg)

Do not place or suspend the product near an open fire or other hazardous sources of heat like gas stoves, electric stoves, and so on.
Please make sure all the components are assembled correctly and that the screws and bolts are fastened tightly, so there is no risk that the baby, or any clothes, cords, straps, etc. get caught on a screw or bolt and tangle or trap the baby. Check the ironware at regular intervals to see if anything needs extra fastening.
The products must be used normally. We understand normal to mean: a calm manner of swinging and bouncing. The Swinging Branch and Stork must be used for vertical loads only.
Keep unsupervised young children away from the products.
Do not use the products in case of damage, defects or missing parts.
Follow the washing instructions on the label.

For use in day nurseries
Please follow the terms and conditions as stated above and also:
Place the hanging cradle and/or swinging branch at a pleasant and sensible height to work with.
Make sure all employees know how to use the product safely.
In concordance with the laws and regulations for nursery care, please make an independent Risk assessment of the product.
Do not leave the product unattended, since there are always other (young) children up and about.
Never leave the tripod unattended, since there are always other (young) children around who could knock it over.
Please check the products at regular intervals for any possible defects. The product must not be used in the event of any defect. Inform all the employees of the defect so that nobody harms a baby with a broken and unsafe product.
When used for nurseries we advise to replace the spring every 2 years.
When used for nurseries we advise to replace the mattress every 2 years for the sake of hygiene.