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The cradle can be used from birth until anywhere between the 4th and 9th month, depending on the rate at which your infant grows and develops. As soon as your baby can turn on his or her side or push up his or her upper body, it's time to move into a cot.

The cradle is suited for babies who weigh less than 19.8 lbs (9 kg)

The twin cradle is suited for a total weight of 35 lbs (16 kg).

Yes, very easily. The cradle is suspended by ropes with so called ratchet-eights. By pushing the ratchet-eights up or down, the ropes are lengthened or shortened until you have found your ideal height. This way you can hang the cradle perfectly horizontal or tilt the cradle a little to limit possible reflux.

Please note that the canopy somewhat limits the height adjustment. The canopy is fastened to the cradle in the corners, thus limiting the variation in height to a few inches. We have designed the products so that a cradle with a canopy can be placed at a comfortable height when suspended from an average ceiling (8.2 ft). This places the cradle at a comfortable 37 inch above the floor.

The single cradle measures The cradle measures 31 in (l) by 17 in (w) and 13 in (h). The ash poles are a little longer, resulting in a outside measurement of 33 in (l) x 19 in (w).

The twin cradle measures 31.5 in (l) x 31.5 in (w) x 13.8 in (h . The poles are: 33 in. long.

The total height of the cradle, by which we refer to the (average) height of an empty cradle from the top of the spring to the bottom of the cradle, is about 5.3 ft. Click here for the dimensions.

Suspension / assembly of our cradles

The manuals are not included with the package.

You can download the cradle's manual (and all other manuals) here and print them out if you wish.

The cradle should be hung from a reliable ceiling. A wooden beam or concrete ceiling is very suitable.

In wood you screw the cradle hook directly into the wood (after drilling) and attach the spring to the hook. The hanging cradle itself is hung from the spring.

In concrete you first screw the cradle hook into a plug, which you have placed in a hole in the ceiling, and attach the spring to the hook.

In plaster you must first locate a lath or beam underneath the plaster. Screw the cradle hook into an opening that you have drilled in the correct place, and test its ability to hold the weight before attaching spring and cradle.

If you don't want to drill a hole in your ceiling, have a look at our Swinging BranchStork& or Tripod.

A high ceiling shouldn't be a problem, but if your room is higher than 8.2 feet we advise you to order an extra rope (including a snap harness) to insert between the spring and the cradle hook.

The lower the ceiling, the lower the cradle will hang. The ceiling should have a minimum height of about 7.2 feet. Anything lower is less practical (and less attractive to look at). If the ceiling is lower than 7.2 feet, you could choose to leave out the spring, so the cradle can still be suspended at a comfortable height.


Yes, the cradle can be washed at 40 degrees Celsius and ironed using the cotton setting on your iron press.

The canopy can be washed at 30 degrees Celsius and ironed using the linen setting on your iron press.

Please consult the washing labels in the cradles for these instructions.

If you have a mattress cover without quilted wool it can be washed at 30°C (regular wash)

Attention: if you have a mattress-ticking with QUILTED WOOL this can be washed in a wool wash programme set on 'COLD WATER'.

Delivery & Return

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Delivery itself depends on destinations of course North America / Asia generally takes 2/3 working days. Europe average from 2 to 4 working days.

It is also possible to speed up the moment of shipping. Choose rush order during your order in the web shop. We will then send your order within two working days& after your payment has been received.

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