Daycare centers and Hussh

More and more daycare centres are discovering Hussh as a supplier of 'the best place to rest'

Our suspended bassinets are often used 'on the group' so that little ones who are tired or restless can calm down or have a nap under supervision. The subtle bouncing of our cradles makes them particularly suitable for this purpose. Supplemented with a canopy, the child is no longer distracted and will calm down and sleep easily.
If the ceiling is not suitable, our Swinging Branch is frequently used as a great looking and convenient suspension option.

Hussh Cradles regularly receives questions about safety standards and certification. You can download a document explaining this here.

In addition to the General Terms and Conditions of Use, the following additional conditions apply to use in daycare centres:

  • Place the suspended crib and/or swinging branch at a pleasant and sensible height to work with.
  • Make sure all employees know how to use the product safely.
  • In concordance with the laws and regulations for nursery care, please make an independent Risk assessment of the product.
  • Do not leave the product unattended, since there are always other (young) children up and about.
  • Never leave the tripod unattended, since there are always other (young) children around who could knock it over.
  • Please check the products at regular intervals for any possible defects. The product must not be used in the event of any defect. Inform all the employees of the defect so that nobody harms a baby with a broken and unsafe product.
  • When used for nurseries we advise replacing the spring every 2 years.
  • When used for nurseries we advise replacing the mattress every 2 years for the sake of hygiene.